Christian Samoila

Christian Samoila

Christian Samoila

DDS, Orthodontist


Born on: March 16th 1978 in Vrsac, Serbia;

Graduated School of Dental Medicine at University Victor Babes Timisoara, Romania - promotion 1996;

Graduated Orthodontic and Dento-facial orthopedics specialty at University Victor Babes Timisoara, Romania - promotion 2005;

Learned different orthodontic techniques under advice of Dr. Janos Horvath - Budapest, Hungary

Assistant at Hands-on Orthodontic courses (2007 - 2014) organized by Ortoforum - Lector Dr. Janos Horvath;

Trainer - SmartOrtho Hands-on Orthodontic Courses since 2014

Trainer - Learning By Doing Orthodontic Courses 2018

GC speaker since 2019

Trainer - GET orthodontic school Estonia

Clear Correct speaker since 2023

Dr. Geamănu earned a DDS degree from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davilla" in Bucharest in 1996. He also completed the Orthodontics program at the same university. In 2011-2013, Dr. Geamănu participated in the first group in Romania of the "FACE – 2 years advanced orthodontics program" in Cluj Napoca. 

Dr. Geamănu has been a guest lecturer at various national and international conferences. Additionally, he owns a multidisciplinary clinic in Bucharest. Since 2018, Dr. Gemanu is co-founder and lecturer of the Practical Orthodontics program

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  • Wednesday 22-05-2024
14:00 PM

Distalizing in Class 2 - Sala Pamir

Course Christian Samoila

09:00 AM

Distalizing in Class 2 - NEW SESION

Course Christian Samoila

Approach of cl II cases in theory and in practice on models. How to address cl II patients. Set Class II protocols. When and how to distalize, when to extract, when to use class elastics.

Learn different distalization tehniques: TAD anchored buccal and palatal systems; Class elastics; Pendulum; Multi FA; Aligners

Learn how to make and use distalization power arm hands-on

Key words: CL II, distalization, TAD, Power arm, Multi FA, Aligners

Hands-on Course material that participants need to take with them: 1. Weingart; (442) 2. Tweed; 3. Hard wire cutter; 4. helix forming plier or bird beak 5. ligature tweezer; 6. dental probe;

Christian Samoila
DDS, Orthodontist