Roxana Petcu

Roxana Petcu

Roxana Petcu

DDS, Orthodontist


Clinica Orthoconcept, Timișoara, România

Clinica Lazar, Oradea, Romania

Roxana Petcu has graduated from the University of Dentistry in Timisoara,

Romania, 2011.

In 2014 she graduated the Residency Program in Orthodontics and Dentofacial

Orthopaedics at the same University.

She continued her Specialisation in Orthodontics by enrolling in several courses

and continuing educational programs ( MBT System - Prof. J. Bouserhal; CCO

System - R. Spena; Certification in Invisalign; Certification in Incognito; FACE 2

year program - D. Martin, R. Cocconi; Cranio-Mandibular and Cranio-Vertebral

CR Concept - M. Rocabado, Team approach to treatment of dentofacial

deformities - S. Grybauskas, D. Latkauskiene)

She is practicing exclusively orthodontics in a multidisciplinary group focusing

on complex interdisciplinary cases, skeletal anchorage and segmental

orthodontics. Establishing the correct diagnosis, face driven orthodontics and

excellent team work are the main focus of her daily practice.

She published articles on topics like orthodontic - prosthodontic interdisciplinary

treatment approaches, skeletal anchorage and preprosthetic segmental

orthodontics (JCO 2019, APOS 2020, etc *Note: the publications can be found

under the former name, Roxana Rugina)

She is also lecturing in Romania and abroad on topics like diagnostics,

interdisciplinary planning and skeletal anchorage in orthodontics. Below is a list

of the courses held regularly, as well as lectures during Congresses, Orthodontic

or Prosthodontics Events:

FOCUS - a modular program for GPs, prosthodontists and orthodontist, held

together with Dan Lazar, since 2018. (More info at )

STABILITY - a three day program about the functional evaluation of the patient,

TMJ physiology and anatomy, bite appliances. (More info at )

Clinical Masterclass in Skeletal Anchorage - together with Itamar Friedlaender

and Johnny Barbur, 2018, organised by Synergyo Academy

How can I help my prosthodontist - AREO Congress 2018

The concept of Segmental Orthodontics - 2018, AREO Congress

TADs usage: from simple to complex mechanics: with Johnny Barbur, 2019,

organised by Adenta Romania, and again 2021

Orthodontics: The connection between function and aesthetics in restorative cases

- 2019, FACE Meeting Romania, organised by Ortoprofile

Segmental Orthodontics in Interdisciplinary cases - WIOC 2019, short


Segmental Orthodontics, An easy way to go - Simply Ortho Meeting 2019

Focus on the Treatment Objectives - Connect Dentistry Summit Romania, 2020,

organised by Ulpia Romania

Seeing the bigger picture - 2020, Ulpia Dental Webinar platform

TADs: getting acquainted - 2021, organised by Ortholearning

Establishing a workflow in adult orthodontic-prosthodontics cases - 1st FACE

online Symposium, 2021, organiser Forestadent

An interdisciplinary Orthodontic- Prosthodontics Approach to cases with worn

teeth - 2021, AREO Congress

How to choose your TAD screws based on evidence - Dual Top Anchor System

Webinar - 2021, organised by Adenta Romania and Jeil Medical Corporation,

South Korea

The concept of Fulcrum - Orthoperio XP platform, 2021

The time line of an interdisciplinary ortho-prostho treatment sequence - British

Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, 2021 Webinars

Tips and tricks to improve our orthodontic treatment protocol - Nexus Dental

South Africa, 2021

The complete Esthetic Workflow: from diagnosis to creating the smile design -

Dentinal Tubules Congress 2022, held together with Dan Lazar

The Key elements in an interdisciplinary ortho-prostho approach - OHIs

interdisciplinary congress 2022

The challenges of an interdisciplinary ortho-prostho rehabilitation - Simply Ortho

Congress, Porto 2022

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14:15 PM

Insights regarding esthetics in interdisciplinary treatments

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