Ute Schneider-Moser

Ute Schneider-Moser

Ute Schneider-Moser

DDS, Orthodontist, PhD


1985 DDS University of Mainz, Germany

1987 Private practice in Bolzano, Italy together with Dr. Lorenz Moser

1990 Active Member of the SIDO (Società di Ortodonzia Italiana) 

1999 Diplomate of the Italian Board of Orthodontists (IBO)

2010 Specialty in Orthodontics, University of Ferrara, Italy

2010 Brainerd F. Swain Award of Excellence, Angle East, EHASO 

2011 Active Member of the EHASO (Angle East)

Since 2011 Visiting professor, Dep. of Orthodontics University of Ferrara, Italy

2012 President of the Accademia Italiana di Ortodonzia (AIdOr)

2019-2021 President Angle East (EHASO)

2022 Honorary Member AIdOr

2023 Brainerd F. Swain Award of Excellence, Angle East, EHASO

2023 Harvey Peck Memorial Award, Angle East, EHASO

President Elect SIDO 2024

Since 2021 Adjunct Associate Professor, Dep. of Orthodontics, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Publications in peer-reviewed journals and chapters in orthodontic textbooks

Reviewer for AJODO, Angle Orthodontist, JERD, JOMS 

Member Editorial Board Seminars in Orthodontics

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  • Friday 24-05-2024
14:30 PM

Orthodontic Treatment Solutions for Patients with Missing Teeth in the Esthetic Zone

Prezentare Ute Schneider-Moser , Lorenz Moser